WordPress Tutorial – What You Should Know

Significance of wordpress tutorial

WordPress Tutorial

WordPress is a well-known free tool used for blogging open source. Its key features include a unique template system with plugin architecture. It is one of the most accepted systems for blogging on the website. WordPress is generally written using a scripting language known as PHP. PHP is a scripting and programming language that is used for developing vibrant interactive websites. PHP is an Open source, just like the WordPress. In order to perform the best possible practices of WordPress, you might require going through a wordpress tutorial. You may also opt for viewing a wordpress tutorial youtube video by which it will be easy to understand the basics, hacks and most importantly the tips for the same.

Importance of Config.php file

In a wordpress tutorial for beginners it is important to know the significance of the file termed as wp-config.php which can be treated as one of the nucleus files of WordPress. It holds information regarding the database that includes the host (typically the local one), name and username along with password. It helps WordPress getting connected with the database for acquiring and storing necessary data like Users, Posts and Settings etc. Going through a wordpress website tutorial will help you acquire helpful information regarding all the basic fundamentals along with thorough instructions on how to use WordPress for creating and managing your webpage.

However, you will not get the wp-config.php file in your default download package. You might only get a certain file named as wp-config-sample.php which will be placed in the main root directory having all the settings (default) included. All you have to do is to rename it to wp-config.php and it is all set to go. Both the flexibility and simplicity of WordPress makes such a unique tool for any complicated web app or any simple online blog. Different users of this tool might have different type of needs. But whenever you get into any development basis work with it, you will require making some customization. Most of such customizations generally begin with wp-config. In a wordpress tutorial, you will get all these vital information in detail.

Top 10 WordPress tutorial tips you need to know

WordPress versions along with usages:

The WordPress software is free to download and also easy to install in your system. You can simply download the latest version of 4.1.1 and install it into your system. However, WordPress 4.2 Beta 2 is also available now but this version is still under development. So it can be suggested not to use it on any production site. Any wordpress tutorial for beginners will cater you to more prominent briefings.

Choosing a right plugin for getting rid of spammers:

Selecting a perfect plugin for your website is always necessary. Just because WordPress is an open source type program, spammers often like to make it their target. Unfortunately the possibility of receiving spam gets bigger with the rate of trafficking your site receives. In order to deal with it, you need to apply a filter plugin in the blog. This will help in preventing unwanted comments. Any wordpress website tutorial will offer you more information regarding this. Some necessary plugins against spammers include the following:

  • Akismet
  • bcSpamBlock
  • Comment Spam Stopper
  • Comment Spam Trap

To know more about the WordPress plugins to protect spammers, you can gothrough tutorial of WordPress.

Importance of choosing right wordpress themes for your website

Selecting the right theme when creating your website can be irresistible as you can find thousand free themes from the gallery itself. However, it is must to choose right theme when building your website. Right wordpress themes can provide a good responsive website design. This can easily be tested as you can see the site changing its size with adjustment of your browser’s width. In addition, it can help your website to be loaded on all the devices faster. To know more, you can gothrough wordpress theme tutorial.

Reading the wordpress theme tutorial will also guide you on choosing the right option. Check out the wordpress photoshop tutorial for the same. The wordpress photoshop tutorial can guide you to design your website’s theme into a perfect one.

How to secure your wordpress using plugins

Although WordPress is itself a secured platform yet it is always better to go for additional security to your website with a security plugin. Security is the biggest concern on web and therefore, it is must to take necessary measures against it. Plugins are usually designed by professionals but can be easily understood. It can take the security to the highest level via checking for vulnerabilities, executing and enforcing advanced techniques and practices as well. Some necessary plugins are:

  • Hyper Cache Extended
  • Quick Cache
  • W3 Total cache
  • WP Smush.It

For more information on WordPress plugins, you can read the wordpress tutorial.

Importance of using tags

Search Engines continually improve their algorithms to ignore and devalue deliberate attempts for surpassing other websites. One such important attribute is tags which can be defined as the keywords for the pages you create or articles you write. Addition of tags can represent your page or post can increase the probability of more traffic. How tags be useful can be known by watching wordpress tutorial youtube.

Importance of using trackback

If utilized properly, trackbacks are one of the great ways to setup links and more number of visitors to read your blogs. It also helps to build relationships with other bloggers. Check out the wordpress tutorial video to gain better insight.

Importance of using categories

WordPress categories are an important aspect when considering SEO. It plays a significant role in several things. It can have a better user-experience for related posts. The best part is it can help to remain focussed on content strategy. The wordpress tutorial video can help you to guide better.

Importance of moderating your comments

It is important to moderate your WordPress comments because of the following:

  • Turn your blog spamfest when popular
  • May redirect your potentially spiteful sites
  • Add value to a dull post

Hence, moderate your comments and see the difference yourself.

Importance of permalinks

Permalinks play an important role for all the blogs specifically in WordPress. It helps to provide flexibility to transform slugs and permalinks. So, you can make adjustments as per your requirements. Read the wordpress tutorial for more information.

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