WordPress Themes Free, a Simple but Remarkable Revolution

WordPress themes free are a self-hosted blogging tool in the digital world which is used by lakhs of people the world over. The websites are designed with different templates, some further customizable, and some readily usable as they are. They convey a number of themes and technical advancements suiting to different needs. You can simply download the software which is called “wordpress” for free from where you are. All you need is a web host satisfying the minimum requirements. This wordpress is used for blogging, content management, and much more for working with plug-ins, widgets and themes. Driven by an ambition to have a well-structured publishing tool based on PHP and MySQL, licensed under GPLv2, and officially succeeding b2 /cafelog, this has been designed.

Some top 10 wordpress themes free are listed here for ready reference

  1. Twenty Twelve (2012): This is wholly an adaptable theme, working easily anywhere. Its highlights are: a front page template with its own widgets; an optional display front; styling for post formats on both index and single views; and an optional no-sidebar page template. Still, it’s a customizable wordpress themes free where you can invoke your own menu, header image and background. Total downloads between 9-7-2014 and 19-3-2015 are 1,699,594 which speak for its high popularity. Its review rating is 4.5/ 5 stars.
Wordpress Themes Free

WordPress Themes Free

  1. Quill: This is a professional wordpress themes free for law enterprises, presenting limitless scope for customization. Using this, you can

(a).establish an effective online presence for your law company,

(b). impress on your clients about your functioning by using the numerous front page


(c) quote your model cases, and

(d) announce about your efficient staff and firm.

Its total downloads from 12/14 to 3/15 are 12,023, with a review rating of 5/5 stars.

Wordpress themes free

  1. Sorbet: This is a wordpress themes free best infusing your website with lustre. Its decorative formats shape your contents predominant, as the auxiliary tags- search, social links, widgets and navigation- are concealed in the header making the contents clutter-free. Total downloads number 23,225 between 9-7-2104 and 19-3-2015, with a review rating of 5/5 stars.

Wordpress themes free

  1. LeftSide: This is a mobile friendly, basic and responsive wordpress theme. Aside from English, it supports French, German, Dutch and Spanish. The theme’s features include: navigation with submenu and a sidebar on left side; customized back-ground and header image; display logo and details; and a widget area in footer. The format has only basic options, there being no theme settingspage, slideshows, or fancy options. Downloads from 7/2014 to 3/2015 come to 5506, along with rating 4.0/5 stars.

Wordpress themes free

5.Medium: Medium is a simple, translation-ready, beautiful, and Twitter-based responsive business wordpress themes free meant for professional bloggers, writers and business class. Incorporating photos, it becomes a wordpress themes free photography also. This was evolved with Twitter bootstrap framework making it mobile and tablet friendly. It also contains latest standards such as HTML5 and CSS3, becoming SEO friendly. It further includes theme options for managing logo, favicon, footer contents, wonderful colored toggable menu and AJAX-based navigation. Its downloads total 2,343 during 12/14 – 3/15, with no reviews coming yet.

Wordpress themes free

  1. Wrock Metro: Wrock Metro is a wordpress metro style magazine theme complete with all wordpress features. Easily adaptable and SEO friendly, this works well on your mobile, desktop or any other device. Its scope for customization and connectivity with social media and Adsense ready makes it a unique, premium wordpress themes free website. Downloads have touched 31,055 between 7/14 and 3/15, with a review rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Wordpress themes free

  1. Rewind: Rewind is handy for small business and personal websites. Being easily adaptable, it works well on all devices. Using this, you can display the latest posts and static page or featured posts in the front page below the slideshow. Full width page template, numeric page in the blog and the like are its other facilities. Its downloads during 7/14 – 3/15 are 6,165, with no reviews discernible yet.

Wordpress themes free

  1. Cirrus: Cirrus is a user-friendly wordpress themes free portfolio website, suitable for personal or business purpose with an easy format conforming to the latest Bootstrp 3 mobile- first, front end framework. Facilities include: (a) Picture sizes from desktop can easily set in tablets or amartphones; (b). More than 100 theme options are available to choose from; (c). It’s translation-ready, SEO optimized, cross-browser-tested, having full-page template, innumerable color formations; and (d) It shows custom-featured posts, being workable with all common plug-ins. The number of downloads during 7/14 – 3/15 is 33,813, with a review rating of 3/5 stars.

Wordpress themes free

  1. NovioAxis Green: (a) This is a very useful theme, replete with design data. (b). It begins with a brilliant color scheme and compatible header pictures, catchy typography and legends, and an adaptable layout suitable for any big or small device. 5439 downloads have been done from 7/14 to 3/15.

Wordpress themes free

  1. Floki: Floki is an optimized theme adopting clean code and good methods with CSS3 and HTML 5. It has header with modifiable colors, 2 menus, configurable top bar, social icons and logo, with easy adaptability with all devices. It fixes the font groups including Google fonts, colour and size. Especially you can incorporate 3 D configurations. The period 8/14 to 3/15 has seen 4,368 downloads with a review rating 5/5 stars.

Wordpress themes free


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