What Are The Top 10 WordPress Membership Plugin?

Top 10 WordPress Membership Plugin

  1. BuddyPress wordpress membership plugin

It is one of the best wordpress membership plugin. It can be used to run any type of social network on the wordpress. It is modern and sophisticated software for social networking. BuddyPress consists of components that are very common to a social network. It also allows for great add on features via the extensive plugin system of WordPress. It is simple software, yet it is as powerful as any other social network software, if not more.

top 10 wordpress membership plugin

wordpress membership plugin

  1. s2Member Framework (Member Roles, Capabilities, Membership, PayPal Members)-

s2member is a powerful membership plugin for wordpress. The framework of this plugin integrates with PayPal Website Payments standard. You can sell membership or ‘buy now’ access to your site. You can also restrict access to capabilities, roles, pages, post and many other things in wordpress. This wordpress membership plugin free is also highly extensible and easily configurable. Since it is completely powered by wordpress short codes, it makes complex integrations very easy.

  1. Simple Membership-

This plugin allows adding the membership functionality to the sites. It is a flexible and well supported wordpress membership plugin. This easy to use plugin offers free and premium content to the wordpress site. The simple membership plugin allows you to protect your pages and posts so that only the members can view the content that is protected. When a non-member views your protected page, he will be prompted to become a member or to log in.

  1. GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway & Paid Downloads & Membership-

This wordpress members plugin allows you to accept Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Speedcoin, Darkcoin, Paycoin, Reddcoin, Feathercoin, Potcoin, Vericoin an Vertcoin payments online on worpress website. There is no monthly fee. On the other hand, the transaction fee starts from as low as 0%. This plugin offer advanced solution to the registered users. You can sell any product on the website. It also allows you to make money through file downloads.

  1. Paid Memberships Pro Addon for WP Courseware-

This wordpress membership plugin adds integration between WP CourseWare and Paid Membership Pro. This allows you to assign WP Courseware courses to a membership level for auto enrollment. You can create a membership level and then set a price to it. You can also add modules or units. With the help of this add-on, you will be able to create a LMs system which is fully automated. In this system, you can sell courses online.

  1. Simple Membership Form Shortcode-

In most of the wordpress membership plugin reviews, this plugin has got great reviews. You can use this add-on for creating a registration form for specific membership level on any page or post. It also allows you to give access to different levels of membership for free. From the dropdown, you can select a membership level. It then generates a registration form shortcode, for that specific level. After installing this add-on, you have to go to the Form Shortcode menu from the admin dashboard for using it.

  1. Simple Membership After Login Redirection-

It is an add-on for the simple membership plugin. This wordpress membership plugin allows configuration after the login redirection to a particular page on the level of the member. You can configure this after login page for every membership access levels that you have created in the simple membership plugin. This add-on will redirect the members automatically to the specified after they get logged on to your site. You just need to specify the pages for redirecting, the add-on will do the rest for you.

  1. MemberFindMe Membership, Event & Directory System-

Most of the wordpress membership plugin comparison goes in favor of this plugin. The MemberFindMe provides a comprehensive platform for donor management, membership management, member directory, event calendar and event tickening. The plugin integrates the membership, directory and event platform to the wordpress site. This plugin is fully responsive. It also works any type of theme. For using this plugin, an account of MembersFindMe is required. For small groups, the plugin is absolutely free.

  1. Paid Memberships Pro-

It is one of the best wordpress paid membership plugin. It provides you an easy way to get paid with the wordpress site. It allows you to set up unlimited levels of membership. You can also provide restricted access to posts and pages. Flexible content control makes it a fit for every offline and online businesses. It works really great, yet it is easy to customize it for fitting your needs. You can add paid membership to the wordpress site.

  1. Page Security & Membership-

This wordpress membership plugin allows the admin to create different user membership groups. With the help of this plugin, you can decide which user has the access to what content. You can add users to group and also set permissions for your content. This allows you to take a full control of your site. You can also create an area only for members. All this and much more can be done just with a few clicks.

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