Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins for 2015

WordPress security is vulnerable on many fronts and as such it has to be controlled for keeping the website protected. This article aims to dwell on the various wordpress security issues and the plugins available to tackle those.

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

What are the various security issues in wordpress?

Every moment Hackers are trying to break into websites. We all know that staying vigilant is the best way to stay secured. But what we should be vigilant about? There are many wordpress security vulnerabilities and until we chalk them out it is not possible to kick start the security process.

The following wordpress security tips can help to make the site safer.

  • Password protection: Passwords should be strong and unique because these determine access to the personal data and as such different passwords should be used for different uses and these should be changed after some time.
  • Regular updating: WordPress updates are released for fixing bugs, adding new features and also to patch security loopholes detected and so one must keep the website always updated.
  • Protecting admin access: Changing user name for protection is not sufficient; it has to be backed by strong passwords always.
  • Guarding against attack: Monitoring of hacking attempts and locking the offending IPs is must to stay secured against brute force.
  • Monitoring & cleaning malwares: This is an absolutely necessity. The method selected for detection should go dig deep into the files and spot breaches. Once detected it should be cleaned positively.
  • Choosing the right web host: Find a host who offers a shared server to a small number of sites only and never complacent about online security that is changing always.
  • Keeping the site clean: Update idle plugins and themes and clean them up to avoid security breaches. Better start organizing the file structure starting from comparing the file list with the default WordPress core.
  • Controlling sensitive information: Do not leave vital information while cleaning up the file structure. Look into readme.html file, phpinfo.php or i.php and .sql database backup files to keep hackers away.
  • Staying Vigilant: Early detection provides best protection. Follow Twitter accounts to get information of security issues and act accordingly.

Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

  1. Wordfence Security

The wordpress security scan starts working by checking if the site is infected. To do this, it does server-side scanning of the source code comparing it to the official wordpress repository for core, themes and plugins and secures the website and makes faster using the Falcon Engine, the fastest WordPress caching engine.

  1. BulletProof Security

This effective, reliable and easy-to-use wordpress security plugin has many unique features such as   .htaccess Website Security Protection, DB Backup Logging, both frontend backend maintenance mode and many more, to protect the websites from the brute hacking attempts. It also has login security & monitoring facility with UI Theme Skin Changer.

3. Sucuri Scanner

It is meant for complementing the existing security measures. This security plugin can tackle many wordpress security vulnerabilities with the help of security activity monitoring, file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, security hardening, post-hack security actions with its unique add-on security services from Sucuri CloudProxy Website Firewall.

4. All in One WP Security & Firewall

This is the one of the most comprehensive and stable wordpress security plugins and can elevate the website security to a higher level. The plugin provides accounts, login, registration, database and file system security to the users. It can easily backup the original .htaccess and wp-config.php files and modify the same.

5. Acunetix WP Security

This is a comprehensive security option that has easy backup facility of WordPress database for disaster recovery and can also report security overview after WordPress is scanned. It supports live traffic tool for monitoring the website in real time and has integrated tool options to change the database prefix.

  1. Acunetix Secure WordPress

This checks wordpress security issues and suggests corrective actions for security in file permissions, database, version hiding, admin protection and has easy backup options for disaster recovery. It removes error-information on login-page and can hide wp-version in backend-dashboard for non-admins and can also remove WP Generator META tag from core code.

  1. SiteGuard WP Plugin

This is a special plugin   for protection against the attack to the management page and login. It is loaded with admin page IP filter to protect attacks on the management page. It uses captcha besides login lock and login alerts to reduce the vulnerability against illegal login attempts.


This is an anti-malware plugin useful for detection and removal of malwares. It automatically blocks all SoakSoak and other malwares and also patch wp-login for blocking the Brute-Force attacks. It can also download definition updates that help protection against new threats and can run complete scan from the settings page.

9. iThemes Security

This ranks #1 in wordpress security best practices. It patches common security holes, stop automated attacks and also strengthen user credentials as well. It also keeps attackers away from sensitive areas of the website like login admin etc and takes the security to the next level with iThemes Security Pro.

  1. AntiVirus

It is a safe an easy tool that can automatically scan the theme templates for malicious infections and provide alert of virus threat in the admin bar. One can also have manual checks of files and database with alerts on suspected cases. It also has optional provisions of Google safe browsing to monitor phishing and malwares.

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  1. Kurt says:

    As of Sept. 13, 2015 Acunetix Secure WordPress and Acunetix Secure WordPress cause my site to block all pages when they are both activated. By deactivating either one while leaving the other one activated the sites work normally. Which one should I keep?

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