Top 10 WordPress Gallery Plugin for 2015

Top 10 WordPress Gallery Plugin

Gallery bank

The gallery bank light and the WordPress gallery plugin software is very helpful because it will help you a lot in sorting out a lot of things that you need to use in your daily life. It makes the photo gallery very responsive.  In the premium version, you can make a collage of almost unlimited albums and also take care of all the pictures on your laptop or computer. You can easily store unlimited in the gallery. You will also save a lot of time and space by using this plugin.


The best free WordPress gallery plugin allows you to implement a lot of galleries into your website. You should know that you will also be able to add a lot of pictures and also a lot of description for each of the galleries implemented into your website. You will also be able to add high quality images to the websites. You will also get regular updates. It has various beneficial features attached to it, such as; various editing methods, adding the captions, etc. and this will earn a lot of traffic to your websites.

Photo gallery

The simple WordPress gallery plugin is a very advanced tool which will let you do various kinds of editing into your websites. You can also add a lot of images to your website. You will also get a lot of description to your pictures that will upload. There will also be various options for masonry view and also mosaic view. You have the option of sharing this in the social networking websites.  There is a very good review that will help you decide about the bank. This is hundred percent responsive.

NextGEN gallery

This WordPress responsive gallery plugin is one of the most efficient and most popular gallery plugin. It provides you with a very powerful engine which will let you upload a lot of pictures into your website. It is very highly maintained and updated.  You can very easily edit a lot of the picture which are updated all the time. You can also add watermarks to the picture in your gallery which you want to be copyright protected. This allows you to identify your pictures and you can take further action if you feel the need.

Image gallery

This image plugins are considered to be one of the greatest website, especially if you want your website to be original. You can also find a lot of options for representing your images and also the videos. This allows you to have a content pop-up in your website. There are different customizable options for the albums. There is another option called content slider which will let you see the pics with the text that is included. There is also another option called light box gallery. These are a plugin called WordPress slideshow plugin that works without any text.

Portfolio gallery

This is a specific kind of plugin which will allow the user with the opportunity to make your own projects at the same time as remaking your own gallery. You can also get the system which will allow you to make a very authentic FAQ system. You can also add some new kind of viewing options which can be very easily customized by the user. There is also a collage of options that can make it even easier for you to customize a lot of pictures by the use of a WordPress photo gallery plugin.

Grand flagallery gallery

WordPress gallery plugin

WordPress gallery plugin

It’s a plugin with the help of which you can very easily upload a lot of images. This will also let you create some music or video playlists as well. In the photo slideshow, there will be options for adding descriptions and also some catchy captions as well. There is also an option for making the grand pages, which will also let you make a gallery in full window. There is another kind of option for making separate options related to the choosing the perfect WordPress gallery plugin as well.

Responsive photo gallery

The responsive gallery of collection of photo which is basically based upon bootstrap framework. You should know that you can very easily add an unlimited number of images into your blog site by the use of WordPress gallery plugin. The photo gallery is very responsive and it provides a faded kind of animation as well. You should know that there are also various other options for adding some kind of gallery short code that will be attached to the multiple pages. There is a two design layout in this kind of picture plugin website.

Responsive WordPress gallery

This gallery plugin is used globally. This will create a lot of opportunities for the people who want to enhance their website. You can edit and upload this picture in a very high level. This plugin will make the process of caching, very easy. This gallery might not be that high on size, but you will be able to use it on almost any kind of internet connection. This lite version is very highly appreciated by people. It has a modular approach to accumulate the pictures.

Gmedia gallery

The Gmedia gallery and WordPress gallery plugin will let you create an unlimited amount of photos and also audio files. You will also create a lot of galleries and also the playlists. You will be subjected to create some kind of galleries and you will also be able to add tags to these pictures. Then there is another option for post featured imaging technique. This is specifically useful if you want to add some good and related posts from the Gmedia into your website in order to enhance its beauty.

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