Top 10 WordPress Backup Plugin

Every one of us must have heard about computer back up. But there is more to it. Almost every day there is news about website crushing. The website threats are hard reality and crushes are disastrous. Backing the website with wordpress backup plugin can help data recovery.

Top 10 WordPress Backup Plugin

Top 10 WordPress Backup Plugin


 Importance of website backup

The following reasons justify website backup with wordpress backup plugin for tackling:

1. Computer Catastrophes

Though hard drives are built reliable, chances of hard drive failure cannot be completely ruled out as this also depends on the type and configuration of the server the web hosting company.

  1. Server Failure

Though it does not happen every other day, but it causes loss of data besides unnecessary downtime when such failure occurs. Having backup with wordpress backup plugin ensures full website restoration easily.

  1. Website hacking

Hackers are very common on the web. Even if your website seems to be perfectly secured, there could be some lacuna in the code used to build the website. Hackers try to exploit these vulnerabilities for making fishy transactions using your code.

  1. Malware and Viruses

Your website can be infested with viruses, Trojan horses and other malwares even via third parties that are usually safe. Having a back up with wordpress backup plugin keeps you ready for such situations.

  1. Woes due to Updates Gone Wrong

Though updates stand for updated features and enhanced security, it may go wrong sometimes. Any change in back-end settings can lead to website crush. Having backup with wordpress backup plugin insures against this.

Top 10 WordPress Backup Plugin

1. UpdraftPlus

This high quality backup supports both manual and automatic backups regularly and can also maintain separate schedules for files and databases backup. It supports cloud backups to Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox, DreamHost DreamObjects, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive etc and can also restore and migrate backups and supports wordpress backup plugin dropbox. It has paid support packages and fixes problems quickly.

  1. Online Backup for WordPress

This easy to use wordpress database backup plugin provides for wordpress websites and the data stored there with local encryption to mail or free 100MB secured online storage. This can also schedule daily or weekly backups and download on demand as a ZIP file. Provides backups to the changed files only and has full AES encryption support.

3. BlogVault Real-time Backup

It is very easy to install and schedule daily backups using offsite storage. This keeps the contents safe on the event of site crushing. This is a complete wordpress backup for files and database. Its unique migration features help easy movement to new domain or host seamlessly using the backups.  It also supports wordpress backup to drop box.

4. myRepono

This backups unlimited WordPress installations, individual mySQL tables or complete mySQL databases and encrypts, transmits and stores files using 256-Bit encryption. All backup management is controlled with the help of web-based tool accessible with any web-enabled device.  Moreover, this is compatible with most of the web servers and hosting companies, and also WordPress Multisite/Network compatible. It allows to manage unlimited websites with single account.

5. Simple Backup

This plugin for wordpress can organize backup and download the WordPress website and MySQL Database and can also do optimizations to wordpress and MySQL database prior to backup. It needs linux style server with tar, gzip, bzip or zip for creating backup files and can schedule automatic wordpress backups with email notification on status of the backups.

6. BackWPup Free

Using this it is possible to save the complete installation including the wp-content and push them to any external backup provisions such as Dropbox, S3, and FTP etc. This is available in many languages and can optimize, check and repair database. This is compatible with WordPress XML Export, Amazon Glacier, Google Drive and use email to send logs and backups.

7. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

This is one of the best wordpress backup plugin for cloud backup. This SEO friendly plugin can backup all files and data base together and can also do incremental backups. The main advantage of this is in using the easily accessible dropbox account. This if loaded on mobile helps to keep a watch on the generated backups from anywhere conveniently.

8. WP Database Backup

This can be installed very easily. This wp complete backup helps to create backups through a single click and also have provisions for automatic backup at a fixed schedule. It downloads backup file direct from the wordpress dashboard and store safely in dropbox, FTP and email. Moreover, WP Database Backup plugin also helps to Restore Database Backup easily on a single click.

9. XCloner – Backup and Restore

This backup is designed for PHP/Mysql websites and can also work as a wordpress backup restore plugin. It generates backups with cronjobs and allows sharing custom backups with the clients. As this use open source standards such as TAR and Mysql, it ensures restoration of backups in number of ways with enough flexibility and control over the process.

10. WP-DB-Backup

This on-demand backup of WordPress database allows to backup the core WordPress database tables. It is also possible to backup other tables in the same database. This also allows to save the backup file to the server. As per the wordpress backup plugin review this is really easy and simple to use and backs up correctly for easy restoration.

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