How to Setup a WordPress Website

Wordpress hosting
How to Setup a WordPress Website: Step by step

  1. Pick your domain name:

Think about your product and what image you want to show. If you sell puppy dog supplies, for example, you are going to need a domain name that fits that like or

  1. Register the domain name:

After you have chosen a domain name and confirmed that it is available, you may buy that domain names from a registrar site like Hostgator or GoDaddy.

  1. Set up a hosting account:

To make a site live on the internet, you have to possess a host account. I use and love Godaddy. There are actually various packages available for various types of clients, based on the size and reputation of your website. Buy a hosting package that will fit your needs.

  1. Redirect your domain name to your host:

fter you have purchased your hosting, you will need to go back to your domain registrar (where you purchased the domain name) and direct the name servers (NS) to your host. Your host will be in a position to explain to you what those codes are, and your domain registrar can show you how to redirect them.

  1. Install WordPress software:

As soon as your name servers are redirected to your host, you are ready to set up your blog. Your Control Panel (Cpanel) will have a link to Fantastico, which will walk you through the process of installing WordPress on your domain.

  1. Choose a blog theme:

Once you have WordPress installed, sign into your WordPress account and choose a theme. There are actually hundreds of free themes on for you to pick from. Utilize one of them, or use the default WordPress theme. It is absolutely up to you.

  1. Customize your website:

Add your identities like, business name, contact information, or whatsoever you will need to add to make it very blog. Changes helps your readers know who you’re and what you are all about.

Configuring your WordPress Website

Most WordPress Blog configurations are different, but follow the tutorial of the WordPress Website settings.

* Common WordPress settings configuration*


Membership: Anyone can register



Remote Publishing: arranged both values active if you want to use external publishing tools

Privacy: You may like your blog to be visible to everyone or otherwise, including search engines (like Bing, Google, Technorati)

Permalinks: you may want to change to i.e. /%category%/%postname%/ OR /%postname%.html, or any other values you use in your other blogs

All in One SEO Plugin

Use noindex for Categories: false

Use noindex for Archives: true

* WordPress PLUGINS*

Akismet Configuration: Enter YOUR Akismet API Key

Remove or add any other Plugins

*other setting and configurations*

Copy your robots.txt to root folder or install the KB Robots.txt plugin

Monetizeation like Amazon, AdSense, will require even editing he corresponding theme files or configuration through plugins…

That is it, your WordPress site has been moved and setup on your hosting server

These are just the simple steps to get started with your own website.

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