How to Install WordPress – Simple Guide to Users

WordPress is a popular content management system platform that has been used widely for blogging. Basically, WordPress and blogging are two inseparable words these days. To start with a blog, you need to know about WordPress and it is the simplest platform to have a blogging website. Now the biggest question is – how to install wordpress? Installing WordPress is an easy process, consisting of a few simple steps. It can be installed in two ways. One is manual installation and the other method is automated WordPress installation.

How to Install WordPress – Manual Installation Process

How to Install WordPressFree Edition v.

How to Install Wordpres

  1. Starting with WordPress Login

WordPress is a free CMS platform and thus anyone can sign up with it. To sign up with WordPress, one needs to visit official website of it. Click on the sign up button, create an users and confirm email receipt by clicking on the confirmation email. WordPress can be accessed in two ways. The first way is visiting wordpress website and signing up. The second option is logging into the cPanel of your hosting account and clicking on the WordPress tab, which can be found under “Fantastico” tab. If you want to know how to install wordpress on godaddy, you need to have your cPanel user id and password.

  1. Getting ready with Installation Tools

For wordpress installation, you need a couple of tools. In this install wordpress tutorial, we shall list down these two tools, elaborating their essence or requirement:

  • FTP or Shell Access: FTP or File Transfer Protocol helps you to transfer files. Through FTP, you upload and download files from your web hosting servers. You will come across several FTP clients. Amongst those, FireFTP is considered as one of the best tools.
  • Text Editor: To install WordPress manually, you need some coding to be done. The coding has been done on the Text Editors. Hence, it is a necessary tool for manual wordpress installation.
  1. Download the Latest Version

WordPress is an open source platform, which has been updated or improved quite consistently. To download the most recent version of WordPress, one should pay a visit to WordPress.Org. To protect your blog and to keep it updated, it is important to have the latest stable version of wordpress.

  1. Creating Database and User

The next step of WordPress installation is creating MySql database. This is generally done through the cPanel dashboard of the hosting account. Login to your account and find a link, which is often called as MySql or database or something similar. Give a name to your database. Typically, people name it as localhost. To know how to install wordpress hostgator, this step is important.

  1. Editing wp-config.php

How to Install WordPress

The next part of manual wordpress installation may seem difficult to you, if you do not have any ideas on PHP coding. After downloading WordPress, you will find a file included in the downloaded data, and the file is generally named as “wp-config-sample.php”. Edit the file name and rewrite the name of the file to “wp-config.php”. To edit the file, you need a text editor, where you can alter a few things manually to complete the manual wordpress installation process.

  1. Setting up Secret Keys

At the next stage, you need to deal with setting up secret keys. You will find a row, saying “put your unique phrase here”. This is nothing but security keys, which were introduced by WordPress 2.6 version. You can use the secret key generator of WordPress to make the task easier as well as quicker. To understand how to install wordpress on wamp, this should be considered as an important step.

  1. Upload Files and Run Install Script

Through FTP tool, you need to upload files at the next step. If you want wordpress to be at the home page of your website, then keep the file at the root folder. After uploading files, simply run the install script to manually install WordPress.

Automatic Installation for WordPress

How to Install WordPress

To learn how to install wordpress on bluehost, you should take in note that automatic installation process is time saving and hassle free. Whereas manual installation requires your technical skills, automatic installation process can easily be carried out by a layman.

  1. Installing WordPress from WordPress.Com

This is the simplest ways of installing wordpress and creating a new blog. Visit the official website of WordPress and choose to sign up. After competing signup successfully, you will be fetched to the dashboard of WordPress. You can create as well as customize your website by selecting various options in dashboard section.

  1. Installing WordPress in cPanel

Go to the cPanel and find “Fantastico” tab. Clicking on this tab will lead you to CMS options, like WordPress, Joomla, etc. Click on wordpress, customize your website’s URL and install wordpress in a simple style. This takes only a few seconds. So we have learnt how to install wordpress on 000webhost, now it is your turn to try installing wordpress successfully.

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